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Long Term Ring Hire

We supply 10ft - 20ft boxing rings for long term hire. Each platform gym ring comes complete with canvas, corner pads, aprons, ropes and downties. Long term hire for a minimum of 6 month hire. They are platform rings and not floor rings. 

Prices start from just £40+VAT per week 

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We have gym specification boxing rings available from 10ft - 24ft and our team can supply to any gym nationwide. 

Key Features:

  • Minimum of 6-month contract

  • Available from just £40+VAT per week

  • Delivery and installation of all goods

  • Flexible to extend the length of contract 

  • Quick and High acceptance rate

  • Weekly or monthly payments accepted 

  • Upgrade your ring with all boxing ring printing available

  • Brand new or refurbished gym specification rings 

  • Always on hand to help 

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16ft Floor Rings Available For Long Term Hire

Bespoke Floor Rings

Each ring comes complete with 40mm jigsaw matting, white PVC canvas and coverings.

Available from £40+ VAT per week.

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